Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:-

"Do good deeds properly,

sincerely and moderately. . .

Always adopt a
regular course,

whereby you will reach your target (of paradise)." -

Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 8, Hadith 470

<----- Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah'.  ----->


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once asked a companion:-

"Is it true that you fast all day and stand in prayer all night?"
The companion replied that the report was indeed true.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) then said: -
"Do not do that! Observe the fast sometimes and also leave (it) at other times.

Stand up for prayer at night and also sleep at night.

Your body has a right over you,
your eyes have a right over you
and your wife has a right over you."

- Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 7, Hadith 127

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Holy Prophet (SAW) Said:

The Holy Prophet (SAW), Also said to communicate to others even if you listen One Verse (Ayaah) & this one verse will stand on the Day of Judgment for intercession.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) Said:

1) Four things that make your body sick:

a) Excessive talking
b) Excessive sleeping
c) Excessive eating and
d) Excessive meeting other people

2) Four things that destroy the body:

a) Worrying
b) Sorrow (Sadness/Grief)
c) Hunger
d) Sleeping late in the night

3) Four things that dry the face & take away its happiness:

a) Lying
b) Being disrespectful / impudent (insisting on something wrong knowingly)
c) Arguing without adequate knowledge & Information.
d) Excessive immorality (doing something wrong without fear).

4) Four things that increase the wetness of face & its happiness:

a) Piety
b) Loyalty
c) Generosity (being kind)
d) To be helpful to others without he/she asking for that.

5) Four things that stop the Rizq (Sustenance) :

a) Sleeping in the morning (from Fajr to sunrise)
b) Not Performing Namaz or Ir-regular in Prayers
c) Laziness / Idleness
d) Treachery / Dishonesty

6) Four things that bring / increase the Rizq:

a) Staying up in the night for prayers.
b) Excessive Repentance
c) Regular Charity
d) Zikr (Remembrance of Allah / God).

Friday, June 25, 2010


One can realize that every sunnah has dual benefits in this life and hereafter, so its now high time we should adopt it, instead follow our own way or others culture and lifestyle. Its general advise including myself and not to anyone in particular as everyone is answerable on its own to the following 3 questions in the Grave where no one will accompany us except our deeds. Are we prepared for it………………………

1. Who is your Lord (Rab)?

2. What is your Religion?

3. Who is this person?

Its easy to say here, but in grave only when we have spent our life here in Islamic way following sunnah and protected our Iman(strongly) will be able to answer it otherwise, it will be very very difficult………….get ready before its too late. The success and failure after that will be forever…………………..May Allah guides to the right path…


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.
Smile is the way to "Solve" problems and Silence is the way to "Avoid" problems.
A smile is an inexpensive way to change you looks.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Dear All,

See the benefit of remembering, if one forgets then the way to success in the life hereafter is lost and won't be able to recover. This is first and last chance for all of us to change our life style before its too late. Avoid those activities that spoils our Imaan otherwise it might become weak which will keep away from our Allah (SWT).

Life is very precious and to make it valuable, every day and every minute or second need to be utilized in the best way possible for which we have been bestowed in an utmost dutiful manner so as to please our Almighty (Allah) to whom we return hereafter.

Just remember me in your dua’as and pass on this message to as many you can so that they can also realize the value of life.


Friday, June 18, 2010


God is He..., Who Lives in my heart.

God is He...,  Who showers his blessings upon me, who gives me the gifts of bright, shiny and energetic days.

God is He...,   Who showers the rain of pleasant, cool and fascinating thoughts upon me. Who provides me the senses to tough the sky, to smell the blackish red rose and tulips. which captive me through their fragrance.

 God is He...,  Who gives me the chance to look the beautiful birds at the background of setting sun across the ocean of a royal evening.

God is He...,  Who is the king of my soul. Who is the comrade of the moments of my solitude.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Luck is like sand in hands. It will sneak out through the fingers, no matter gripped firmly or held loosely. Only hands in the laying posture can save it.

Friday, June 11, 2010


For all the things
We have today;
For all our friends
We love so much
For home, for food,
For work and play,
We thank you, 


Related to none
Allah is One!
No father, No mother
No sister, no brother
No daughter, No son
Allah is One!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Allah is Great this I know,
For the Quran tells me so;
All of us to him belong,
We are weak but He is strong.



We seek Allah's protection
From Shaitan's evil mind;
And begin with the name of Allah
Most Merciful, Most Kind! 

Sunday, June 6, 2010


A mother is a mother.. Risking her life to save her babies....
Nothing in this world is better than a Mother...



These are eight couples, two of sheep, two of goats. Now ask them: "Is it either the two males that Allah has forbidden or the two females, or what the wombs of the two females may contain? Tell me about this on the basis of sure knowledge, if you speak the truth."